Music legend Chaka Khan gets 'hardcore real' on new single

"When I heard it, I was like, ‘Wow. I could’ve wrote this. I should have written this."

Legendary singer-songwriter Chaka Khan may not have penned her latest single, titled "Woman Like Me," but the artist says the lyrics immediately spoke to her — and, she hopes, will speak to her legion of fans worldwide.

"It’s talking to girls right now. Men and women, right now," says the 10-time Grammy winner. "And when you can find a song that can talk to both sexes equally, you know … and this song does. It’s like a woman talking to a man."

"Woman Like Me" was written by Gregg Pagani, Francesca Richard, and Jeffrey Anderson (and produced by Pagani) and continues Khan’s astounding musical legacy, which stretches back to her first album with funk band Rufus in 1973. Her voice has delivered dozens of hits since then, including "Tell Me Something Good" and "Ain’t Nobody" with the band and "I Feel For You" and "I’m Every Woman" as a solo artist. Khan says she sees similarities between the latter song (a #1 R&B hit in 1978) and her latest single, although she praises the new recording’s edgier content.  

"This song is more meat-and-potatoes and to the point. You know, it’s hardcore. It’s more ‘hardcore real’ reality. And that’s what attracted me to the song."

Along with releasing the new single — her first for the SRG-ILS Group/UMG label — Khan is staying busy touring; fans who attend her live shows will see the iconic artist wearing some of her own creations.

"I had to go back there because I was not happy with what I felt was expected of an entertainer today," says Khan of designing stage wear. "I just want to be comfortable right now. I’m trying to stay on stage, and not fall off the stage!"

Chaka Khan’s "Woman Like Me" is available for streaming and download on all major music platforms now – click here for more information.