Murder Mystery in Newnan

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A murder mystery in Newnan has the police department searching for a killer, and the victim’s family searching for closure. Newnan Police said it happened on Glenn Street in early September.

Nancy Gibbs, who lives on that street, said she heard someone knocking on her door.

"He was laying right there. I guess he took his hand and hit the door," said Gibbs.

She said she wasn't sure what to think when the man knocked on her door, then she saw the wound.

"I kept asking him what was wrong with him. He said ‘I've been shot,’ and he pulled up his shirt and showed me he'd been shot," said Gibbs.

She and others on Glenn Street told police they heard a single gunshot. Then Gibbs said about 10 minutes later, 28-year-old Emilio Martinez Sanchez knocked on her door. He was rushed to the hospital where he died, unable to tell police who shot him because of a language barrier. His family said Sanchez had left after having dinner with family. He lived with his sister and her children about half a mile away from where he was found. 

Veronica Martinez, the victim's sister, told FOX 5's George Franco, "I want there to be justice. [I hope] they find whoever did this, because he wasn't able to drive, and it's not fair they took his life."

Nancy Gibbs said she suspects Sanchez went to her home because he and others from a construction firm he worked with had stopped by previously to buy cigarettes. She said she now wishes she would have asked him more questions.

"He just said he'd been shot and he didn't tell me who did it. And I didn't even think to ask him," said Gibbs.
Newnan police said it appears robbery was the motive, because Sanchez's wallet was missing.
They hope a $500 reward offered by a Newnan resident who wants to remain anonymous will lead them to the killer.

Members of Sanchez's family said it won't help him but perhaps it'll help someone else.

"I just want to thank the person who did that, because we really want to find out who it is so other people won't get shot or killed," said Mariam Bravo, the victim's niece.

She said Sanchez's body was returned to Mexico where he was buried. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Newnan Police Department.