Multi-use trails coming to Kennesaw Mt. National Park

New trails are being built to help alleviate congestion at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield.

"This park is about a battlefield. About a battle that killed 5000 Americans. It's a place where people come to recreate and have fun, but they also come here to contemplate what it is to be an American, the sacrifices that have happened," said Superintendent Patrick Gamman.

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield park has about 2.5 million visitors every year, and the number keeps growing. Even now, the parking lots are tapped out, and there are not a lot of places to add parking.

"We can't pave the whole thing, we can't pave over these battlefields," said Gamman.

So, work is underway to add almost four miles of new trails. Not hiking trails, multi-use trails that will be built along the road on the edges of the southern and western boundaries of the park. As well as another multi-use trail along Burnt Hickory Road that goes through the middle of the park.

"Bicyclists, pedestrians, people with their dogs and their strollers will be able to use these multi-use trails to get to the park," said Gamman.

This is an effort to help alleviate congestion, as well as to give those who live nearby another way to get to the park without having to jump in their cars.

"If we have a chance to alleviate the pressure on the parking by letting the local folks walk here or bike here wouldn't that be a nice way to alleviate the traffic," said Gamman.

While this project is mostly about the multi-use trails, one hiking trail that crosses Burnt Hickory Road will be rerouted to make it safer.

For Gamman, it's all about preserving history while planning for the future.

"Prepare for the increased visitation and make things as safe and enjoyable for the public as we can," said Gamman.

To learn more, visit the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield website.