Motorcyclist killed, pedestrian injured in Clayton County crash

A man was killed and a MARTA rider was injured after a fatal crash on Tara Boulevard.

Clayton County Police said the deadly crash happened at 10:40 a.m. Tuesday when a Silver Mercedes, traveling northbound, was attempting to make a U-turn.

Police said somehow that driver collided with a motorcyclist traveling southbound.

The biker was thrown from the motorcycle, and then the bike hit two men waiting at a MARTA bus stop. The cyclist was killed.

"Somebody hit the motorcycle. He lost control and as he lost control he hit somebody at the bus stop. Once he hit them, I guess he swerved and hit the Mercedes and his body flew," witness Alan Brown remarked.

One of the men hit at the bus stop suffered pretty serious injuries. Paramedics rushed him to a nearby hospital. The second man was expected to be okay.

"We have to enjoy our lives because we never know the day or the time," Brown marveled.

Clayton County Police did not release any names as of Tuesday evening.