Mother wants Clayton County DA to indict officer who fatally shot her son

Like candles on a cake, Vakelvion Holmes lights up when she talks about her son.

"He was a hard worker, smart, creative, respectful, loved to give hugs," she said, holding a balloon and wearing a shirt with her son, Eric's face printed on it.

Holmes spent Monday, her birthday, alongside several other grieving families. They camped out at Clayton County District Attorney Tasha Mosley's office. Some wanted cases re-opened, others called for a change in policing. Holmes had one birthday wish: an indictment.

Holmes spent her birthday camped out at Clayton County District Attorney Tasha Mosley's office.

Last November, authorities say police pulled over 19-year-old Eric Holmes. They later found the car he drove was stolen.

Police say there was an interaction between the officer and the teen before he got into the car and drove off. The GBI says Officer Justin Stephens then shot into the car and chased after Holmes.

The officer found the car with Holmes wounded in a ditch less than a mile down the road.

Eric Holmes

Authorities say Officer Stephens was allowed to resign in December instead of being terminated.

"After we met with the GBI, and we met with the Clayton County Police Department. We were able to determine then, by them releasing video footage, that there was no altercation, no reason for Eric to be shot. He was no threat to the officer."

Holmes says that new finding from the state investigators is enough for a formal indictment.

"All I want them to do is tell the world what you told me," she said. "Clear it up and tell the world the truth. My baby didn't have to die."