Mother, toddler nearly struck by bullet while sitting in apartment

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Shameka Phillips showed FOX 5 News where stray bullets pierced the wall of her first-floor apartment, shattering a chair, and landing near the couch where the Carrollton woman and her 16-month-old son was watching television.

"I was laying this way my son was laying on top of me ‘cuz he likes me to rock him. The bullet ended up right here on the floor, like not even a good foot from me," Phillips said.

Carrollton Police have released surveillance video showing two men who investigators have identified as suspects in the September 13 incident at the Paradise Apartments on Stewart Street.

"And as you can see in the video we posted on Crime Stoppers one of the males is toting some type of pistol in his hand that's open in the air and you can see it," said Captain Shannon Cantrell.

Cantrell believes that same armed suspect opened fire in the breezeway of Building D outside Phillips’s apartment after knocking on her neighbors' door.

The unidentified man claimed he was looking for someone who'd robbed him, then fired his weapon when the neighbor tried to close the door on him.

Investigators do not believe anyone in that apartment was directly tied to the shooting and don’t think the gunman went to that apartment, specifically targeting someone.

Cantrell said there's been a lot of gang activity at the complex the past few months.

"I think it was something that happened in the parking lot could be drug-related or could be gang-related," the captain said.

Carrollton Police posted the surveillance video online in hopes of generating tips that will help investigators identify the two men.

"Just trying to find me somewhere else to live because this is not safe for anybody," said Phillips.

Phillips said she no longer feels safe here and is looking for a new home.