Mother seeks justice after 2 cars severely injured daughter

A mother is demanding justice and answers after a double accident left her 21-year-old daughter in critical condition.

Shun Monroe says her daughter, Deja Crowder, was hit by two vehicles last Saturday shortly before 8 p.m. as she waited for a bus on Jonesboro and Conley Roads.

Monroe spoke to FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell Sunday at Grady Memorial Hospital where she says the victim remains in intensive care.

"When she went over the hood, per the witnesses who talked to the police officers, she was in the middle of the street," Monroe told Mitchell. "When she tried to get up from the middle of the street ... the other van or whoever the driver was ran over her and dragged her 37 feet down the street. When my daughter came loose from under the vehicle, he kept going."

Forest Park Police confirmed to Mitchell they are investigating the case.

Monroe believes a van and a black pickup truck were involved in the incident. Along with pleading for answers in the case, she's also worried her daughter may never walk again.

"She has broken legs, arms, and a crushed pelvis. She has rods in her hips holding her waist together" Monroe said. "She is my only daughter and I just want justice served for her."