Mother searching for missing teen

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A mother is in a desperate search for her teenage daughter in Atlanta.

Sherri Sichmeller flew into the city from Aberdeen, South Dakota in hopes of finding 19-year-old Morgan Bauer. The mother told Atlanta Police her daughter headed to the city in early February and planned to live with someone she met on Craigslist.

"She made a deal with them that she would come and clean the house until she found a job," Sichmeller said.

That plan didn't work out and. Since then, Sichmeller said she hasn't heard from Morgan. Sichmeller told FOX 5 she heard that her daughter has worked at adult entertainment clubs in the metro-area to make a living.

A manager at the Top of Gainesville club in Hall County told FOX 5 Morgan worked there for about a week. An unidentified employee at the Tease club in Atlanta said Morgan applied for a job there but was never hired.

"It's not about a girl who is doing something wrong. It's not about a girl who should be ashamed of herself for anything. It's about a daughter, a sister, a friend, a granddaughter," Sichmeller said. "Until I know she is safe, she is not. Until I know she is proved not missing, she's still missing. I will look for her."

Atlanta Police sent the following statement Friday to FOX 5 regarding this missing persons investigation:

“The Atlanta Police Department classified Morgan Bauer as a missing person after speaking with and at the request of her mother.  We believed that Morgan is in the Metro area, although, she may not be specifically in Atlanta."

We know that on February 2, Morgan arrived at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.

A FOX 5 investigation has documented her presence in the Gainesville, Georgia, area from February 15 to February 19. It believed she was temporarily employed in that area.

Morgan was in Atlanta on February 25. Her social media activity has decreased dramatically, according to her mother.

FOX 5 News has received many tips related to possible sighting in around local clubs.