Mother of teen found shot in front of vacant home speaks out

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An Atlanta mother hopes someone will be arrested for shooting her teenage son. The 14-year-old boy is recovering after being shot in his neighborhood Wednesday night.

Nakita Holley said her son, Hassan, was walking and singing down Fairburn Road NW, near where the teen’s father lives, around 6'oclock when a man approached him with a gun.

“He was rapping and singing to the song he was listening to and he said a gentleman approached him and said, ‘what did you say about my sister’ and he said ‘I didn't say nothing,’ then he pulled out a gun and shot him," his mother said.

Hassan’s father heard the gunshots and rushed outside, finding the 9th grader lying in the grass in front of a vacant home. Hit in the waist, paramedics rushed him to Grady Memorial Hospital where doctors performed emergency surgery on the teen.

Hassan’s mother tells FOX 5’s Aungelique Proctor in an exclusive interview that the teen suffered a hole in his liver and is recovering in ICU.

With no motive, suspect description or witnesses, detectives admit for now they have more questions than answers. One of those questions, why was the boy partially dressed when he was shot?

Investigators hope someone comes forward with information leading them to the shooter.

Hassan’s mother has this message for the shooter who is still on the run.

“You didn't have the right to try to take someone’s life, even a child. That was God’s child. You will be caught,” Hassan’s mother said.

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