Mother, daughter duo becoming online selling sensation during pandemic

"It’s my turn... Ok sorry, you’re right.” The feisty Mother/Daughter duo Kelly and Lauren Epstein, are quickly becoming an online selling sensation.

Back in March, the pandemic forced small business owner Kelly Epstein to abruptly close her popular Woodland Hills Boutique, Kingfisher Road.

“The first week it happened I was little bit numb to be honest. Then I went into work and then I thought ok we have a website.” 

So Kelly shifted the business online. She and her daughter began hosting a weekly, Facebook Live selling show right from their living room using the e-commerce platform Commentsold.

Epstein said sales are nowhere near what they were but it’s a start.

“I would say my sales now are easily less than a quarter than what they were when I was open,” Epstein said. 

Using an iPad, every Thursday night, the duo goes live showing their wares to customers who are registered with the site. 

“We’re going to be showing jewelry a couple of little home decor items and then we’re gonna move onto clothes,” said Lauren Epstein. 

Epstein says the pivot to live, online selling has opened a whole new unexpected revenue stream.

“The next day, we had a huge increase in sales on the website and so people keep on shopping,” said Kelly Epstein. 

The duo is only three weeks in and already business is growing.

“I think the first week we had 50 and then 100, it just keeps getting more and more," said Lauren. 

And while both of them hope to reopen the boutique soon, in the meantime, they say they’ll continue to use humor and fun to earn what they can while staying safer at home. 

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