Mother-daughter Delta flight attendants create special holiday tradition

Laura and Bethany Romzick (Courtesy of Delta)

Work never stops for flight attendants - not even during the holidays.

But one mother-daughter pair of Delta flight attendants have a special way to stay together during the busy season.

Laura and Bethany Romzick both call Atlanta home. The pair have nearly 30 years of combined experience at Delta. Laura worked at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport before she became a flight attendant in 2008. Inspired by her mom, Bethany began working for Delta three years later.

On the Fourth of July that first year, the mom and daughter began their own version of a holiday tradition through a coincidence. Their separate flights to London aligned perfectly, allowing them to explore the city together.

Since then, they've made sure to overlap their schedules in some fashion - including on Christmas.

"This job can definitely get lonely, especially over the holidays," Bethany Romzick said. "Not everyone is as lucky as me to have the chance to work with their mom, so we enjoy the time when we fly together, catch up on a layover or say a quick ‘hi’ in the airport."    

Laura and Bethany Romzick in London together (Courtesy of Delta)

Sometimes, Laura's husband and Bethany's dad, Mark, joins them as a customer when they're working on the same flight. One Thanksgiving, he was seated in the same cabin both women were working in. 

"We got to cater to Dad throughout the flight," said Bethany. "I am the only child, and I am so lucky to have such a great relationship with my parents. We just have a blast together, and I enjoy being able to experience the world with them during this special time of year."

While on the ground, the family stays close. They live just down the street from each other.

"Bethany is such a special lady," said Laura. "It’s been so fun to share this experience with her over the years – all the places we’ve gone and things we’ve seen – we are grateful for this opportunity Delta provides us."  

This year, the duo worked on a flight together to London a few days before Thanksgiving and will be working together on a flight to Paris that has a return scheduled for Christmas Eve.