Mother and daughters serve up 'soulful seafood' in Marietta

A lot of restaurants say they’re a "family business" — but few take that phrase as literally as Marietta’s Infusion CrabSend for Approval ATL.

"For years, I had been cooking for my family and friends," owner Kimberly Knox says. "They would come over and eat, and everyone always suggested I open up a restaurant."

After years in the 9-to-5 corporate world, Knox took that suggestion and decided to open her own seafood joint. But she didn’t do it alone, recruiting her two daughters as her business partners; McKenzie Tukes is 14 years old, and Madison Tukes is 12 years old, surely making them two of metro Atlanta’s youngest restaurateurs.

"I wanted to own my own business and I like to cook, and my mom inspired me," says McKenzie.  

"You have to be responsible," Madison adds. "And you can't play around in the restaurant, because the customers will think that you're not worthy." 

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No worries about that; since opening in September, the trio has gained a loyal fanbase thanks to its menu of what Knox calls "soulful seafood."  The secret ingredients in every dish? Love and passion, says Knox — and that love is even reflected in the restaurant’s bright pink walls.

"My auntie, Sharon Knox, passed away a few years ago from breast cancer. So my daughters wanted to honor her by painting this building pink," says Knox.

Along the way, Knox says her two daughters have been encouraged and supported by their stepfather and their entire circle of close family and friends; meanwhile, the restaurant’s duo of middle school-aged owners says they’re learning lessons they hope will pave the way for an even more successful future.

"If you want to do something, just put your mind to it," says McKenzie.  Adds Madison, "Whatever you want to do, just do it.'s working hard.  Just work hard and you'll do it." 

For more information on Infusion Crab ATL, click over to the restaurant’s website here.  Right now, Infusion Crab ATL is open for to-go orders and delivery on Tuesdays through Sundays.

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