Most street racers in Atlanta are from out-of-town, police confirm

It has been suspected, Friday Atlanta police confirmed the majority of individuals who have been keeping residents up at night street racing don’t even live in the city.

In fact, a police commander said many of those in attendance have traveled from out-of-state -- driving for hours -- to join the driving party.

One large event originating out of Memphis was scheduled for last weekend. Atlanta investigators effectively intercepted that event with the help of law enforcement there.

The drivers were warned to stay away from Atlanta. Assistant Chief Todd Coyt said most did not come. But some did. And those who broke the law were cited or physically arrested.

Overall, Coyt assured city council members, the street racing activity is decreasing.

One key, he said, is learning the names of organizers and putting the word out that Atlanta is not the place to perform their donuts without suffering consequences.

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