More locally-owned pharmacies starting to administer COVID-19 vaccine

Finding an appointment to get the vaccine has been a struggle for many people. But more mass vaccination sites are opening and more local pharmacies are starting to administer the vaccine. For a lot of people, that's a better option.

Lily's Pharmacy in Johns Creek held their first vaccine clinic Tuesday in their parking lot. The owner, who is also a pharmacist, said her customers felt comfortable coming to her for the shot because they've gotten to know her over the years and they trust her.

"When there was hope for a vaccine those calls came in really fast, are you going to help us? Can you help us get our life back?" said Jennifer Shannon, owner of Lily's Pharmacy.

Shannon said she heard the fear in the voices of her regular customers during the pandemic. People with who she has built a relationship with over the years.

"Every time they have a question it's to us, it's not to a big corporate environment," said Shannon.

There have been a lot of questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. That's when Shannon knew she wanted to be a provider so she could administer the vaccine to help those in the community who depend on her.

When Lily's Pharmacy was approved to be a provider, Shannon was told she would get 1,200 doses. That's many more than she expected and didn't know if she could handle that many. She turned to social media, made one post asking if anyone in the community wanted to help out, and in no time she had plenty of volunteers.

"These are the people we take care of every day and today they took care of us," said Shannon.

Tuesday morning, more than 200 people got their shot in the pharmacy parking lot. Shannon said it was pleased with how it went and said what stands out the most is the gratitude from those who got the shot.

"To see people so happy to receive it, and to be on the end of giving it, there just aren't words for that," said Shannon.

Shannon said the next clinic is Friday, by appointment only. She expects to do 400 to 600 people on Friday and said Johns Creek firefighters will be there to help out.

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