Mom's reaction to Pat Benatar tickets goes viral, faints from joy (VIDEO)

A viral video of a woman receiving tickets to see one of her favorite singers from the 80's will melt your heart!

When it comes to Christmas gifts many of us spend hours on end finding THE perfect gift. Because for the most part, our end game is seeing that priceless reaction on our loved one's faces.

And in a very good way, sometimes those reactions are more than what we expected. Kind of like Donna Crusoe-Grant's emotional response to her son's, FOX 5's planning producer Justin Stewart, Christmas gift-- which has since gone viral! 

Stewart gifted his mother concert tickets to see rock legend Pat Benatar and Donna's reaction had us all screaming with her!

The emotional video was shared on Stewart's Instagram page and was later reposted by The Shade Room; it currently has over 500,000 views and a slew of positive comments! 


"We have a connection to 80's pop music. I was pretty much raised from it and Pat Benatar was an artist we both connected with." Steward said,"I thought it would be a great gift because she's a legend!"

The iconic rock star's concert is set for February 5, 2018 at D.C.'s Birchmere. And this is the pair's first 80's concert together-- certainly not the last!