Mom Speaks Out After Child Held by Human Traffickers

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For one 16-year-old Clayton County teen, a night of partying back on Halloween started a nine-week odyssey of being held captive by human traffickers.

Her mother, Kanesha Searcy Eason, said on that first night she accepted a drink, not knowing it had been doctored. The mother said her daughter woke up limp with someone standing over her demanding sex.

The 16-year-old was not allowed to come back home. Instead, police said two males and two females transported her to hotel after hotel for customers to engage in sex.

Police said her captors put "dolled up" pictures of the child on the internet. Clayton County investigators saw those pictures and asked for a date. In the sting, one investigator said he went into a Morrow hotel room, witnessed the trafficking and shut it down.

All four suspects were removed and taken to the Clayton County Jail. The girl was transported to the hospital. Her mother said she was badly bruised from the beatings.