Mom of daughter with Down syndrome writes to doctor who suggested abortion

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A Florida mother decided to write a letter to a doctor she said advised her to abort her child after detecting Down syndrome during a prenatal appointment. 

"This is Emmy, mailing our letter to the prenatal specialist who didn't want her to live," Courtney Baker wrote on the Parker Myles Facebook page. Her post quickly went viral and since then the letter has captured the hearts and attention of millions. 

According to Baker, the doctor said her and the baby's quality of life would not be good.

Now, at 15-months-old, baby Emersyn, or "Emmy," is doing amazing. 

Baker and her daughter stopped by our sister station FOX 35 Orlando Thursday morning and explained her reasoning behind the letter. She said she knew she wanted to write something while she was still pregnant with Emmy. 

"I felt pressured to terminate," Baker said. 

The mother told FOX 35 she decided it was time for the letter after a pregnant friend told her about a wonderful experience with another doctor. 

"He needs to show the other side of it, how amazing it is," Baker said. "What she has to offer. She can go to college, she can get married. It's not a death sentence to have a child like this." 

Baker said she tried to switch to another doctor, but no one would accept her because she was considered a high-risk pregnancy. She stayed with the same doctor until Emmy was born.  

"It was a lot of prayers going in," she said. "I felt like he thought we were really stupid for not even considering [abortion]." 

It's been more than a year since Emmy was born and Baker said she brings her family so much joy. 

"Every life is precious, every life has the potential to change the world. She's changing the world." 

Baker, who is a proud mom to two other children, said she hasn't heard from the doctor since her letter has gone viral, but prays his heart is touched at some point along the way.