Mom, dad and new baby all share Christmas Eve birthday

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It was a very big Christmas surprise for one family in Indiana.

New mom and dad Amber and Sean Kelly have a unique connection.

They were both born on Christmas Eve.

And now their newborn baby Violet will also share that special birthday.

Little Violet was set to make her entrance into the world on Jan. 8.

But Amber went into labor on Dec. 23 and Violet was born on Christmas Eve.

"We are still kind of in shock. Because we joked about it," Amber Kelly said. 
I mean I joked about it a ton."

Sean Kelly said we was "in disbelief."

I didn't believe she was going to come early, especially that early on the 24th," he said.

The Kellys said in the future they're going to try to avoid having any more children during the holiday season.