Missouri City pilot and family among 7 killed in plane crash

KINGSTON, Ontario (AP) - Police in the Canadian city of Kingston say seven people have died after a small plane crashed in the area Wednesday evening.

According to the Transportation Safety Board in Canada, four adults and three children died in the crash. The aircraft was destroyed and there was no post-impact fire. They said five were Americans.

They've said the plane left Markham, Ontario, and was destined for the Kingston airport, but went down just a few miles from its destination.

According to CBC News, a pilot named Obatek Oblokulov from Missouri City, his family, and two Canadians were on the plane. A friend of Oblokulov says that they were expecting his family and a young Canadian couple that was also on board.

Gutheinz says the area was under a wind advisory at the time, and while winds may not have been as bad as predicted, it was certainly "blustery."