10-year-old boy last seen leaving SE Atlanta hospital found, police say

Police say the 10-year-old boy that walked away from an Atlanta hospital early Tuesday morning has been found after a day-long search.

A search for the 10-year-old Mario Boyd started around 4:30 p.m., when police say he ran from the vehicle of a family member attempted to bring him to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Hughes Spalding.

According to police, the boy's aunt was checking him in for medical care when he ran away. According to officials with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the child was never admitted to the hospital, but fled from his aunt's car before arriving to the facility. Investigators believe he was "suffering a crisis" at the time.

Atlanta police tell FOX 5 the boy was last seen on a security camera walking up Bell Street toward Edgewood Avenue.

About 12 hours later, police say they located the boy and is in good health.