Milton Police: Man Tried to Lure Girl

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Milton Police are searching for a man who allegedly tried to lure an 8-year-old girl from a neighbor's home.

"She told me, the guy told her, 'Come here. Don't talk,’" said Mareany Alaman, who said the girl and her mother were visiting her home on Feyston Court Sunday night.

Alaman said the man stood on the grass on her front lawn to try to lure the girl. Milton Police said the girl ran inside for help. Neighbors and police searched the area for the individual, but did not find the suspect.

Police said they have boosted patrols around the area since Sunday night, but still have not found a suspect with that description.

Alaman said she is now wary about small children and her young brother wandering alone outside in the neighborhood.

"All the kids run outside and play. Now everything's changed," Alaman said.

Police describe the man as a white male with brown hair and wearing overalls.