Millions of cars under recall on the roads

The number of automobile recalls in recent years has been staggering. But there's another number rising that's also causing concern.

Recent data from JD Power & Associates shows that more than 63 million recalled vehicles are still on the road. That's up 34 percent from a year ago.

Let's take Texas. Carfax reports that nearly one in three recalled vehicles there is still on the road. 

Now a recall can impact anything from a windshield wiper to lifesaving equipment like airbags.

Whatever the reason, remember when a recall notice meant putting the brakes on everything else and getting it fixed? Well not so much today.

Here are a few reasons we seem to be putting it off.  Because of the large number of recalls, dealers have trouble tracking down all of the vehicle owners and parts can be in short supply. So, folks put it off. And, listen, Carfax tells us that family-oriented vehicles - like SUVs and minivans - have the greatest numbers of unfixed recalls because taking it out of circulation is a headache.

But finally, going back to the big recall numbers, there is something called "recall fatigue."  2015 was a record-setting year for recalls and we have gotten kind of deaf to the warning.  But be careful. That is dangerous.

Don't put it off. If a car has a recall, it can be dangerous for you and your family to keep riding in it. Not sure anymore if your car is on a recall list? Then put your VIN into the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website and see if your car has a recall.

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