Midtown residents frustrated over car break-ins get a little payback

Condominium residents in Midtown Atlanta are taking personal responsibility for their security.

Their determination to do just that comes as their complex saw prowlers on back to back nights this week.

On Tuesday morning, several of them came down from their homes to the garage and found their vehicles had been entered. Thieves trashed the interiors looking for something to take.

They got various items, from clothing to cash. But they did not get any guns.

What was strange, according to one homeowner, the thieves did not break windows to get in.

"I spoke to the other victims," said one resident who shared her story. "All of us have the key fobs to start our cars".

In less than twenty-four hours, a different resident was in the parking area and noticed a juvenile and an adult had made it into the secured area. He kept watch as he called 911.

Officers got there quickly. The two, who fled on foot after being spotted, were captured on surveillance footage, looking into cars. Both were picked up a short distance away.