Michigan resident, nephew of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock, talks about massacre

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Stephen Paddock driver's licese photo left, Patrick Paddock

The motive is still a mystery in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. We are learning more about the shooter Stephen Paddock, his girlfriend, and the money he gave her days before the massacre.

FOX 2 has also learned at least one of the shooter's family members lives near the DeWitt area. His 30-year-old nephew says he's as shocked as anybody at what his uncle did in Las Vegas.

Patrick Paddock teachers choir and is the music director of DeWitt Catholic Church near Lansing. And in 2015 the Madonna alum also ran for Livonia mayor.

FOX 2 caught up with him to speak about what happened in Las Vegas.

Patrick said he would like to speak on camera to express his deepest sympathy for all the victims of the shooting but couldn't bring himself to do so right now.

Patrick's father, was interviewed in Orlando shortly after the shootings.

"I mean my brother did this," said Eric Paddock. "This is like he shot us. If he would have killed my kids I could not be more dumbfounded."

And Patrick echoes his father's statements on being completely blindsided by the alleged actions of his uncle.

He said hearing President Donald Trump talk about his uncle was like a nightmare he couldn't wake up from.

"It was an act of pure evil," Trump said.

As far as why and how his uncle could be capable of such a horrific act he said we may never know those answers.

Being a man of faith he mentioned that it was all in God's hands and perhaps he would learn more when he reached heaven's gates.
He mentioned that he used to live in Las Vegas and if he was there now, he would be on the strip praying with everyone for some sort of solace in the chaos of what his uncle is accused of creating.

Patrick Paddock said that he would like to attend each and every funeral for those that were killed in the shooting but he knows that's not possible so he will just do what he can through prayer.

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