Metro Atlanta family part of Moderna COVID-19 vaccines for children

Moderna is conducting more clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine, but this time, for children. Thousands of children nationwide are part of the trial and a family in metro Atlanta is among them.

The vaccines currently on the market are just for adults, so the trials underway for children is welcome news. The shots going in the arms of adults are possible because people were willing to take part in the trial.

Now families are making that sacrificial decision for their children. The vaccine study includes children and babies -- as young as 6 months old

The lead investigator in the study said there are at least eight sites in the United Stae conducting the trial.

The first 750 kids out of 6,000 participants will receive the vaccine. After that first phase, the study will implement a placebo study.

All the participants will be closely monitored by doctors and trial organizers.

Ethan Efrat, 13, and his mother, Stacy, live in Cobb County. They talked to FOX 5 about applying for the trial and their feelings about participating.

"I feel lucky because not many people get to have it. I mean, I’ll get to worry less before other people can," said Ethan Efrat.

"We’ve been very careful, so, we’ve kind of put most of our social life on hold. We have taken our vacations. We wear masks everywhere. We don’t go anyplace unless masks are required," said Stacy Efrat.

It's a sacrifice people like the Efrats are making so hopefully one day all children will have a proven vaccine to take to protect them.

Pfizer has also tested its vaccine in children ages 12 to 15 with plans to move to younger groups.

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