Members say thieves stole $30K worth of music equipment from church

Members at a Stone Mountain church arrived Sunday morning only to learn their place of worship had been broken into and tens of thousands of dollars in music equipment stolen.

Kingdom City Church members, Christopher and Crystal Isler arrived early Sunday morning to rehearse before service.

“When I went in I noticed the lights wouldn’t come on and the window was broken into,” said Crystal Isler who is the sound board manager.

Christopher said he took a look around and that’s when he noticed $30,000 worth of music equipment, was gone.

"Sound boards missing, the projecting screen they took it from the roof as well, they took a Yamaha piano,” said Christopher Isler who is the community leader at the church. “They stole from the children’s church, they had a 32-inch TV in the back.”

The couple believes the crooks cut the power, removed a glass from a window, then made their way inside.

Crystal said this is not the first time the church is broken into.

“This is the seventh time that this has happened to us, four years ago it was really bad just like this, but we were able to rebuild,” said Crystal.

The Isler’s said the keyboard stolen belongs to the church’s worship leader who is Grammy Award nominee Jamie Grace.

Despite the damage and disappointment, members still gathered to pray Sunday and some of those prayers were for the thieves.

“If you need a prayer you can always come back, we will accept you here because its what our God would do,” said Christopher.  “We will forgive you as He would too."

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