McDonough Police hope rosary beads and handgun help solve break-in mystery

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McDonough Police are hoping rosary beads and a handgun can help solve a break-in mystery.

A trio of teens are caught on camera, busting down a pair of businesses’ back door; one suspect is spotted with a handgun and rosary beads, while another is seen going to the bathroom on the property.

The crooks came after one thing: Money – forgoing the company's electronics and instead snagging $340 in cash and a State Farm piggy bank full of loose change.

“There was plenty of computers, laptops, printers, they could have had a lot of different things very easily, but they didn't grab any of that,” said Wells Wheeler, a State Farm agent. 

Surveillance video shows the suspects, with a few items in hand, dart out of the building shared by South Metro Property and State Farm just before 4 a.m. Saturday. The crooks spent less than one minute inside.

“You want to go to jail over $300?” Wheeler asked. “It's ridiculous … and crazy what they do.”

McDonough Police told FOX 5 the break-in comes during a spike in business burglaries across McDonough with at least six over the past week. 

“It is becoming the end of the school year, and during the summertime, we do see an uptick in burglary and higher crime,” said Investigator Joseph Cooper with the McDonough Police Department.

South Metro Property and State Farm have since beefed up their security, adding steel locks on the door and a light outside. They plan on installing surveillance cameras on the inside of the premises as well.