McDonough bar manager fends off gunman

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It was a life or death struggle in the middle of the day between a bar manager and a gunman.

The ordeal at the Zone Sports Bar and Club in McDonough left two customers tied up and terrified as well. Now, police are hoping surveillance video will lead them to the attacker.

"And the bartender, the manager was like, 'no I'm not giving up anything,'" said Detective PF Spangenberg as he showed FOX 5 News some surveillance video.

The recorded images were of the day time manager and the man who tried to rob him struggling outside the front door of the business.

It happened around 1 p.m., a week ago Monday.

"He was really concerned about the people in the store, that's the first thing that came to his mind, he said I was really concerned about the people in the store," said Michael Johnson, the General Manager of The Zone Sports Bar and Club.

Johnson said the manager who fought off the attacker was emotionally shaken but otherwise alright. He also said he spoke to the two customers, a man and a woman, who police said were bound with duct tape and placed in separate bathrooms.

"Prior to that, he had told them he wasn't going to hurt them, after he duct tapes their hands he goes through their pockets and doesn't get anything," said Detective Spangenberg.

Spangenberg said before the gunman entered the bar, another man came in. Detective Spangenberg said the man asked for a glass of water and told the manager he was waiting for his girlfriend, but police strongly suspect the man was helping set the place up for robbery.

"No female ever came to the bar like 'oh my god where's my boyfriend I was supposed to meet him,'" said Detective Spangenberg.

The surveillance video showed the gunman without his mask. Police said he temporarily removed it, briefly revealing his identity.

Investigators said the gunman and his accomplice fled out the back door. They apparently had run out of time.

"Eighteen or 19 minutes, that's a long long time, in reference to an armed robbery. So a lot of time had elapsed and it was time to get out of there," said Detective Spangenberg.

Michael Johnson told FOX 5 News safety improvements have been implemented at The Zone Sports Bar and Club.

"We've got us some more cameras and also some more private stuff I don't want to put out there, to help if this should ever happen again," said Johnson.

McDonough police said they obtained DNA evidence from the crime scene which they hope will point them in the direction of the two individuals. Anyone with information is asked to contact the McDonough Police Department.