Mayor Dickens plans to meet with Wellstar to keep Atlanta Medical Center open

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens says he plans to meet with WellStar Health System to see if the city can get the company to change its mind about closing Atlanta Medical Center.

The healthcare company on Wednesday announced it plans to shut the hospital’s doors November 1. The company said it lost $107-million in the last 12 months.

"I’m very disappointed in this decision," Mayor Dickens said, adding the hospital is critical for healthcare in the city. "With WellStar taking their approach, this could hurt us tremendously and put a greater strain on Emory, on Piedmont and of course on Grady."

The mayor said he’s scheduled to meet with next week. "It’s important right now that everybody in healthcare come to the table to come up with solutions. That solution may be another provider taking over that facility and providing care or getting WellStar what they say they need to survive."

Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center Downtown in Atlanta (FOX 5).

Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center Downtown in Atlanta (FOX 5).


Mayor Dickens said he has already made preliminary contact with WellStar. He says the city wants to come up with a solution before the November 1 deadline.

Cedric Taylor is a patient who lives in the old fourth ward surrounding Atlanta Medical Center where will he go once WellStar shuts the hospital’s doors. 

"This is where my provider is. If they relocate, then I’ll have to find out where they are and I’ll have to find out where they are," Taylor said. "People who live in the area or people who have their primary care here. Where do they go now?"

Taylor said the closure will leave a huge void in this medical care for his community. "Now they have to make this major adjustment which puts a hinderance in their healthcare."