Mayor, City Council President square off in war of words

The Mayor of Atlanta questions the manhood of the City Council President. His name is Ceasar Mitchell and he is one of the candidates who wants Reed's job.

If up till now, you thought this year's mayor's race was a big snooze, the sparring going back and forth between the city's two top pols may get your attention.

Mitchell called out the federal corruption probe that is focusing on the Reed administration -- allegations of bribes being paid for contracts.

The council president proposed a policy change whereby Mr. Reed would not handle or approve new contracts unless they were emergencies. Specifically, he points out the retail shops at the airport. Those leases are good until the end of next summer. Mitchell contends the next mayor and council should make those decisions.

Reed shot back saying it is not a real proposal. He speculated Mitchell is listening to business people who don't currently have a contract, and hopes to get campaign donations by making such a proposal.

Mitchell, for his part, accused the mayor of attacking his ethics. He called Reed "petty".  The mayor said the council president does not have the backbone to address him directly and is going on television seeking attention because he is trailing in the polls.