Massive shakedown of Fulton County Jail

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More than 200 officers participated in the largest shakedown in the history of the Fulton County Jail Tuesday.

Several agencies assisted the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office in the search. Officials said it turned up 21 shanks and other prohibited items.

Major Dexter Jenkins said the unannounced search involved enough officers that teams were able to hit several housing zones simultaneously and optimize the element of surprise.

A heavy concentration of teams searched the 7th floor, which is where major said some of the most dangerous inmates are housed.

The officers tossed each cell with subsequent teams scanning the areas more than once. K-9 teams were also deployed to detect contraband such as cellular telephones and prescription drugs being hoarded by inmates. According to authorities, officers uncovered do-it-yourself tattoo kits and other prohibited items including excessive quantities of junk food that can be used as currency within the jail.

Officers used metal detectors to scan mattresses for concealed items. The teams searched under bunks, ceilings, light fixtures, and other areas known to be places where inmates hide contraband.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office’s Direct Action Response Team (DART) collaborated with units from the Georgia Department of Corrections, the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office, Gwinnett County Corrections CERT Team, and the VIPER Team from the Atlanta Department of Corrections on the shakedown.