Woman arrested for drug trafficking near daycares, schools, drug rehab center in Marietta

A traffic stop turned into a major drug bust in Marietta. Police say a woman was arrested and a lot of drugs are off the streets. 

Marietta Police say it was an expired tag that caught the attention of officers. They pulled the car over at the intersection of Lawrence and Fairground streets on Tuesday. That's when they say they discovered much more than a woman who didn't renew her tag.

Investigators say they found guns and a variety of drugs inside the car.

"A plethora of drugs, from marijuana to methamphetamine to crack cocaine to powder cocaine," said Marietta Police Officer Chuck McPhilamy.

Police say there was a lot of it, including what is referred to as a crack cookie. 

"Those are large pieces of crack cocaine that haven't been broken down for distribution yet. She also had a scale and baggies in the car further implicating this was for trafficking purposes," said Officer McPhilamy. 

Thirty-three-year old Nakyla Morman was booked into the Cobb County Jail and charged with nine felonies. 

Police say it's disturbing to know this woman was transporting these drugs through this area surrounded by daycares, schools and The Zone, a substance recovery center. 

"She's just destroying other lives," said Daniel Spinney, the director of program services at The Zone. 

Spinney says it makes him angry to know those drugs were found in this area. 

"To be able to come this close, we have daycares and schools in the area and the recovery center and they should feel safe. They shouldn't have to worry about things like that being around," said Spinney.

Police are grateful the car was pulled over before any of the drugs hit the streets. 

"Fortunately, we had officers patrolling that were proactive and this was stopped before it ended up in any neighborhoods," said Officer McKinney.