Marietta PD spreads the word about Georgia new hands free driving law

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Less than three weeks before the new Georgia hands-free law goes into effect.  No touching, no texting, no holding the phone when you're behind the wheel.  

Marietta Police officers are taking this time to educate drivers and make sure drivers know about the law and that it goes into effect July 1. They put up five large signs around the city that say "HANDS-FREE DRIVING LAW EFFECTIVE JULY 1ST". Police said the signs are placed at locations where they see the most traffic accidents.

"Just merely the fact of having the phone in your hand after July 1st gives every officer in the state the right to pull you over," said Marietta Police Officer Chuck McPhilamy.

Police also posted photos of a wreck Sunday on social media as a good example of why we need laws to help prevent distracted driving.  The photos show the aftermath of a driver who crashed into a Papa Johns restaurant. 

"When questioned, he stated he was distracted," said Officer McPhilamy. 

In addition to the signs, Marietta Police have also reached out to churches encouraging pastors to share the information about the new law with their congregations, as well as to major businesses asking them to share the information with their employees.