Marietta apartment building 'total loss' after fire, multiple pets unaccounted for

At least 26 people were displaced after a massive apartment fire on Saturday. Many of them had to leave their belongings behind.

Drone operator Drake Battle shared footage with FOX 5 showing the impact of the fire. The roof of the Falls at Sope Creek Apartments Building 10 was completely engulfed in flames.

The Marietta Fire Department blocked off all entrances to the complex after the roof caved in.

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(Credit: Drake Battle)

Marietta Fire Marshal Grant Pearson said the fire started at around 4:30 p.m. Saturday. Part of Building 10 is a total loss.

While the fire crew said they didn't suspect foul play, the fire was so destructive that they can't go in and determine a cause until they tear down parts of the building.

Resident McKayla Clark told FOX 5 she had just come home from getting a tattoo Saturday afternoon when she realized her building was on fire.

"One moment, you're chilling and jamming in the car. Fresh, new tattoo. Next thing, everything you own is up in smoke," she said.

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The Falls at Sope Creek Apartments

Clark told FOX 5 firefighters tried to get some of her stuff out, but it wasn't safe enough for them to go in.

"From what we understand, we won't be able to get access to the units, and that the building is actually probably going to be shut down," she said.

There were no injuries in the fire, but several parts were unaccounted for. Including Clark's cat.

Greta the cat

"My own cat, Gretta," Clark said. "I'm hoping that she made it out. So smart, little girl, but also are one of my neighbor's. It's unsure whether her dog is missing, or trapped."

Clark left out a tray of cat food and water for Greta in case she comes back.

McKayla Clark put out food and water in case her cat Greta came back.