Maricopa County NAACP President resigns over sexist comments

Donald Harris, the President of the Maricopa County branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has filed paperwork to resign.

Harris came under fire after making a controversial statement Tuesday while attending a community meeting where he asked people to stop using the N word.

Local media captured the encounter on tape where Harris allegedly commented on a reporter's breasts.

"I'm down, I'm ashamed of myself, I did something stupid and juvenile. I didn't think about the context of what I was doing then. I just came out of a three hour meeting on civil rights, where I was chastising a group of young ladies about using the N word, and I go and do something chatham to what i'd say the conversation was inside," said Donald Harris. 

Officials had called a meeting of community leaders to discuss an incident at Desert Vista High School where six teen students wearing lettered shirts formed a racial slur.

Attorney Benjamin Taylor serves on the NAACP board and spoke out about the incident.  "Mr Harris is a Marine he served his country, he served the NAACP since the 80's, he is a good person this is not like Mr. Harris to do something like this," said Taylor. 

Harris who is 77-years-old was appointed as President of the branch in 2014. The NAACP board will meet Monday to consider Harris' resignation.