Manuel's Tavern Says Stay Calm

Photo: Susan Percy

Unless you are new to Atlanta or have been living under a rock, you probably know the doors to Manuel's Tavern are closed. But don't worry, it's just temporary. The popular bar, located on North Highland Avenue NE, opened in 1956 and has been due for some good old renovating.

Inside the walls, sat a huge collection of all things vintage. From banners to beer cans, it seemed like there was always something "new" to see during each visit. Here's a little piece of local trivia: Did you know Manuel's ashes are in an urn that graced the rest of the decorations? It was! And yes, it will be back on display once the doors reopen.

Manuel's Tavern does not want you to fret, as the construction should only take a few months. Until then, they want you to "STAY CALM" because, well, they're just renovating! We will keep you updated on the grand reopening.

How cool is that catchy t-shirt graphic?