Man wins $1M lottery twice

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A man in Long Island, New York has hit the million dollar jackpot for the second time in a row. 

Bruce Magistro won a million dollars off the $2 "$1,000 Dollars a Week for Life Scratch Off" ticket. The win comes four years after he won a million dollars from another scratch off game.

Magistro, who works as a construction worker, said the money from his first win was mostly spent caring for his wife, who eventually died from cancer. He said it allowed him to stay at home with her.

"My wife was very sick at that time and ended up passing away from cancer. So I used a lot of that money to take care of her and to be home with her."

The winner said when he won the jackpot neither he or his fiancee could believe what was happening. 

Magistro said he's going to take the annual payments.

"It's under mine and my son's name so my kids will be able to enjoy it after I pass as their inheritance." 

Magistro said he plans to take his winnings and enjoy life with his children.