Man who ran down cyclist to be released early

Greg Germani logged thousands of miles on his bike, but his days of riding came to a sudden and painful end when a motorist, who exchanged words with Germani, followed him, struck the bike and dragged him down the street. That happened June 2014

In a plea deal, Joseph Lewis was sentenced to 15 years. But under state prison rules, Lewis could be transitioned into a work-release program after serving only one-third of a 15-year sentence.

Germani's girlfriend says that should not happen.

Beth Anne Harrill vows "to see that justice is done". And she is asking for citizens help.

Before a mid-June decision on the matter, Ms. Harrill is requesting concerned citizens write the Department of Corrections. There is a victim's division at Georgia Corrections that will take all the writings for officials to consider.

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