Man Viciously Beaten, Robbed in Midtown Atlanta

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He was in Atlanta for a buddy's bachelor party but found himself the victim of a brutal attack and robbery.

From Augusta the victim, Kris Yi, told FOX 5's George Franco about being blindsided from behind on Juniper Street in the early morning hours of September 5th.

"They were like threatening me, asking for my wallet I would have just gave it to them, there's no need to beat someone like that.

They were hitting me and just running through my pockets," said Kris Yi.

It was the Dragon-Con weekend with thousands of people filling the streets of Atlanta.

Yi said he was headed back to the W Hotel in Midtown when he was attacked and robbed of his I-phone and wallet with credit cards and ID.

He said he didn't remember how he got there because he'd been drinking at his buddy's bachelor party at a midtown nightspot.

"I thought it was pretty cowardice of them to come up from behind and hit me like that," said Kris Yi.

Atlanta Police Detective Benjamin King says besides surveillance video on Juniper Street APD also obtained video of three men. They were recorded entering a nearby CVS where they used the victim's credit card several times.

"We also have them those same individuals at the counter making a purchase and we have them coming in on the next time the following morning." said Detective Benjamin King.

Police are hoping a two thousand dollar Crime Stoppers reward will bring in tips to bring in the violent robbers.

The victim says he's fortunate he wasn't badly injured.

"I walked away with just minor cuts and bruises. It's best to catch them now then to let it happen again," said Kris Yi.

Atlanta Police are asking anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS (8477). Tips can submitted anonymously.

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