Man throws rocks at drivers on I-30 in Downtown Dallas

Dallas police took a man into custody because drivers said he was throwing rocks off a downtown overpass down onto Interstate 30 traffic.

Dallas police Sr. Cpl. Tramese Andrews said it happened near the intersections of Interstate 30 and 45. The man was throwing rocks off the bridge and hitting vehicles that were heading westbound on I-30 just before Caesar Chavez Boulevard.

A total of five vehicles were hit, including Lee Henderson’s truck. He said the man looked angry and upset and may have carried the smooth 3 to 5 pound rocks up onto the bridge to intentionally hit people.

“We were on our way to Fort Worth and traffic was backed up. I saw the guy on the bridge in front of us and he had a rock over his head,” he said. “I saw him throw it and hit one vehicle. Then he hit the one in front of us. He had it over his head and I pointed at him to tell him not to do it. Obviously he done it anyway.”

The hood on Henderson’s truck will need to be replaced, but he feels lucky. Other vehicles suffered more damage and one rock smashed completely through a woman’s windshield.

“The rocks landed inside her vehicle. Praise God it didn’t go through on her side because it probably would have killed her,” he said.

At last check the man had not yet been charged in the case. Investigators continue to look into what could've prompted the rock throwing.