Man sentenced to death for rape, murder of 5-year-old Georgia girl in 2021

The man convicted of killing a 5-year-old girl from Columbus named Kamarie Holland and hiding her body in a vacant home in east Alabama in December 2021 has received the death penalty, according to Columbus Ledger-Examiner

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Jeremy Tremaine Williams, 40, was sentenced to death for capital murder of a child less than 14 years old, kidnapping, rape and sodomy. The date of execution will be determined at a later time. 

He was also sentenced to life for knowingly recording the acts of rape and sodomy, and he received 10 years for obstruction of a corpse.

Williams was involved in a sexual relationship with the little girl's mother, according to When he tired of her, he asked for Kamarie. The girl's mother, Kristy Marie Siple, asked for $2,500 and Williams countered with $1,300. However, he never paid Siple the money. 

Williams recorded the abuse of the child, including forcing her to perform oral sex and smoke methamphetamine with him. Williams reportedly had sex with the girl before and after her death.

Williams confessed to killing Holland as well as his 1-month-old daughter in Alaska in 2005 during a 5-hour interview with the Russell County Sheriff's Office.

He pled guilty to capital murder charges on March 13, 2024. A jury returned a guilty verdict on all counts on Friday. 

Kristy Stipe also pled guilty for selling her child to Williams, according to

In a separate sexual assault case involving a 6-year-old child, Williams was sentenced to life in prison without parole and 20 years in prison on two other charges. He will also have to pay $90,000 to the state.