Man sentenced 35 years for fight, shooting at Douglas County party in 2022

Mark Monroy-Garcia, 25, entered a guilty plea in Douglas County on Jan. 21 for a string of charges, including aggravated battery, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, tampering with evidence, and reckless conduct. The case, investigated by the Douglasville Police Department, was led by Assistant District Attorney Nelly Ndounteng, with Chief Superior Court Judge William H. McClain presiding.

The incident unfolded on June 19, 2022, when Monroy-Garcia attended a party in Douglasville. While at the party, Monroy-Garcia began arguing with another person at the party. Despite attempts by a partygoer to defuse the situation, Monroy-Garcia brandished a firearm and struck one person in the head, prompting the victim to flee in fear for his life.

A third victim offered Monroy-Garcia a case of beer in an effort to calm the situation. However, Monroy-Garcia's anger escalated, leading to him striking the second victim in the head with his firearm. Despite the victim's attempt to walk away, Monroy-Garcia pursued him, brandishing the firearm and threatening to kill the person. In a desperate bid to protect himself and others, the victim engaged in a physical struggle with Monroy-Garcia, resulting in a gunshot to the abdomen. The victim survived but sustained significant injuries.

Following the shooting, Monroy-Garcia threw away the firearm in nearby woods and returned to his family's home. Law enforcement responded to the scene, providing aid to the victims and subsequently arresting Monroy-Garcia.

Upon entering the guilty plea, Judge McClain handed down a sentence of thirty-five years, of which Monroy-Garcia is required to serve eighteen years.