Man says smartwatch he helped develop led him to his lost son

Priyansh Nigam oversees development of Verizon's GizmoWatch. He said his 7-year-old son was diagnosed with Autism and the watch he wears may have saved his son’s life. (Courtesy of Verizon)

An Atlanta man said a smartwatch that he helped develop may have saved his son's life.

Priyansh Nigam, a Tech Product Manager at Verizon, said he and his wife learned their 7-year-old son was lost from the watch's real-time tracking feature. Nigam said his son, who was diagnosed with Autism years earlier, did not get off the bus at his routine stop that day.

They called the school and told administrators where he was located. Soon, they were reunited safely with their son. 

"An escape risk is one of the key concerns that you have," says Nigam. "He would bolt out of the house and would not be able to communicate where home is. Him wearing the GizmoWatch gives us so much peace of mind. We use the real-time tracking capability."

Nigam said the most important part of his job is using the products he helps create.

"That's my motivation," he said. "Every day our focus is to make something that is of a better use or makes life easier for everyone."