Man rides his bike for 276 miles to help people with Alzheimer's disease

An Alzheimer's Association campaign inspiried a Phildelphia man to use his favorite outdoor activity to fundraise and bring awareness to the disease. 

“It is a way to break this curse that has been around my family for generations,” said Agyei Chevoyo Williams.

He is bike riding from his home in Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia, and is completing the 276 mile trip alone. 

“All by myself. I try to get some friends with me. A really good friend told me that this is my mission. It is not for my friends; it is not a group ride or whatever. It is personal to me, it is my mission,” Williams said.

Williams’ mission is part of the Alzheimer’s Association ‘Longest Day Campaign’ that correlates with the summer solstice, where people across the world have committed to help fight Alzheimer’s.

“It gives volunteers the opportunity to do what they love in combination with fundraising for something that is really important to them, and important to their families and the community,” said Liz Regan-Butts, Senior Director of Communications at Alzheimer’s Association.

For Williams, the ride is about honoring his late father. Agyei…it’s remembering his late father.

“He wasn’t the greatest father and I wasn’t the greatest son. When the disease came it was really bad timing,” he said. “Once I became a man and got married and started my life we really started to build a relationship then. Unfortunately, the disease came before I could continue that with him.”

Last year’s bike trip to Austin, Texas raised over $1,600 dollars in fifty days.

“This year and last year are completely different. I was mourning. It was a lot of emotion that I was running off of. This time it is different. This time it is more about the awareness. It is more about raising the money. It is more about getting people on this team,” said Williams.

Williams will end his journey back in Washington, D.C. on Sunday night. Here is a link to donate to this cause, please click here.


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