Man recounts being held up at gunpoint in his Morningside neigbhorhood

An Atlanta couple was given a verbal countdown by a gunman to turn over their property during a street robbery.

The husband and wife were taking a relaxing stroll one evening in their Morningside neighborhood.

"We were just getting some exercise around 10 o’clock at night," the victim said.

They saw a car pass them and stop. They heard steps coming up quickly behind them. Two robbers both with masks appeared.

"One of them pulled a gun and that was adequately aimed," Greg said. "So, even if I had had a gun, there would have been nothing that I could have done."

He handed over his cell phone. The one with the gun looked at it and evidently decided it was too old and gave it back. 

The homeowner then tried to comply with a second demand for cash. He slowly raised his arms, inviting either one to check his pockets. 

"But what he meant was, ‘Hand it to me.’ And then he said, ‘Give me your money,’ again," the husband added. "And he started counting five, four, three…" 

He said he knew exactly what that meant. 

"So, that was a pretty effective technique, I mean, around three or two I handed him my wallet," the man said.

Greg gave him his wallet. Not much cash and a couple of cards. The two thieves drove off.

Greg and his wife have lived in the same neighborhood for twenty years. 

"I’m willing to walk around the neighborhood at night, I still do. Don’t know how much longer I’m going to stay in that neighborhood. I can’t tell which way it’s going, but."

But he added that the crooks made off with nothing more than his wallet and his pride. He said the suspects were likely teenagers.

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