Man on motorcycle robs woman of 100K ring

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Atlanta Police are looking for a bold and brazen robber on a motorcycle.  

Police say the biker followed a 73-year-old woman in her car, then robbed her right in front of other people. According to police, the crook got away with a $100,000 ring. 

The woman told FOX 5's Denise Dillon she was driving on Peachtree Street when she saw a man on a blue motorcycle next to her. 

"I noticed him and felt kind of funny about it," she said.

The 73-year-old says he followed her for more than a mile, until she pulled into her hair salon on Piedmont Road. 

"As she pulled in the parking lot she called the salon and asked that they call 911 and advised this motorcycle was following her," said Atlanta Police Sgt. John Chafee.

When she got to the salon, four of the employees were waiting for her on the porch. She says she started to get out of the car and the robber jerked open the door and demanded her ring. She says she balled up her fists, but he managed to rip the 5-carat diamond off her finger. It was her wedding ring.

"It was very special to me – my husband and I have been married for 55 years in April," she said.

Back in February, a man on a blue motorcycle rode up next to a woman's car and snatched the woman's Rolex off her wrist. While Atlanta Police aren't saying it's the same person, they are taking a look at the two cases. But the woman who lost her ring to the robber Thursday afternoon shudders when she sees the video. 

"The pictures I've seen and the person who I encountered are very much alike," she said. 

The woman said the man was about 6-feet-1-inch tall and very muscular. He was wearing black leather and black gloves.  The helmet made it difficult for her to see his face. She says he had an accent.