Man in Dougherty County accused of setting wife on fire, not calling for help

Henry Hardwick

A man has been arrested in Dougherty County for setting his wife on fire.

According to the Albany Police Department, 67-year-old Amanda Jenkins was transported to Phoebe Putney Hospital on Oct. 24 with 25% burns to her lower body.

Police went to her home on Bobbitt Drive and made contact with her husband, 64-year-old Henry Hardwick. He told police officers that he was rubbing alcohol on his wife on Oct. 22, who was in a lot of pain from multiple sclerosis, when he lit a cigarette too close to her, causing her body to catch fire.

Hardwick said he panicked and was too scared to call for help. It wasn't until Jenkins' daughter came for a visit that her mother was taken to a hospital.

Hardwick was transported to Dougherty County Jail and charged with aggravated assault.