Man hopes fireworks injury raises awareness

Now that fireworks are legal in the state of Georgia, a local man is speaking out about the dangers.

Jeff Knapp said he almost went blind while playing a trendy game made popular on you YouTube.

During a father-son retreat for the Iron and Fire Ministries, Knapp was playing Roman candle wars - where players fire the fireworks at each other until they run out.

Knapp said they wore protective clothing and a paintball mask, but after the game was over, the protection came off.

That’s when he said one last firework was fired in his direction, striking him in the eye.

Knapp was airlifted to the hospital.

He said the chemicals from the fireworks burned in his eye hours.

Knapp has had six surgeries since, and still has little vision in his eye, but now he is using his story as a life lesson to others.

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