Man helps his uncle walk again

A Texas marine veteran is walking again thanks to his nephew.

Navy veteran James Smith built his uncle, Kenneth Jolley, a custom-fit prosthetic leg. It comes after the 74-year-old lost his right leg from heart surgery complications.

"I love being outside, hunting and fishing. And it just shut me down... just overnight," said Jolley.

"I was just wishing that I could do something to help him out," said Smith.

Getting a prosthetic limb could take many months and Smith knew time wasn't on Corporal Holley's side. That's because he was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer.

After learning the news, Smith and his friends quickly completed Jolley's prosthetic leg in just two weeks.

"I was kind of thinking it would be a peg leg at first, get a little more involved with it. I had another idea a whole lot of head scratching at the kitchen table, thinking how we can do it looking at pieces parts," said Jolley.

The group included impressive leather-work, branding Jolley's initials and etching in the famous "raising the flag" image.

"It's awesome to be able to see somebody smile and be able to walk," said Doug Beck, the designer of the prosthetic leg.

Jolley says his nephew's work of love has lifted his spirits and will to live.

"I joked with him the only reason I built is is so he can help me cut the grass," said Smith.