Man finds python slithering in his toilet

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A Virginia homeowner has a message for the world: always look before you sit down.

This comes after the homeowner found a live snake in his toilet.

"I just turned around and looked at the toilet and I couldn't believe it. I thought somebody was pranking me," James Hooper said,

Hooper says his roommate managed to pull it out with a fishing pole.

Animal Control officers say the snake is a harmless python, but not something you'd expect – or want – to see in your bathroom.

"A snake in the toilet is just one of those things that you think no, that can't actually happen, but now it has," Virginia Beach Animal Control Officer Rebecca Franlkin said. "It's what's called a pastel pied, so it has white on its body as well."

It turns out the snake was another Virginia Beach resident's pet that had gone missing two weeks ago.

The snake is on it's way back home to a more secure enclosure.